Here are some good tips for you to keep in mind before your tattoo session:


Don’t drink alcohol or anything that thins your blood for at least 24 hours before your tattoo appointment. Also, no drugs!


Sleep well the night before so you feel rested and comfortable when getting your tattoo. 


It’s important to eat a good meal before the tattoo session. Your body needs energy to deal with that extra pain and for you not to get dizzy, plus it can take longer than you expect. You can take some snacks if you want ; )


Make sure you drink plenty of water a couple of weeks prior to getting inked. It helps with the tattooing process and healing. You can also moisturise your skin some days before the tattoo session, but avoid doing that on the appointment day.


Consider taking a shower before your tattoo session. The tattooing process should be as hygienic as possible to avoid infections.
Make sure your armpits and feet are not smelly, as the tattoo artist will be really close to you for some hours ^^

Extra tips: avoid wearing perfume as people in the studio might have allergies.


Avoid wearing new or bright clothes, as they can get ink stains. You might also want to wear comfortable clothes and choose the ones that give good access to the part of your body that will get tattooed. For example loose pants or a dress for a tattoo on the leg is a good way to go!


Avoid exercising on the same day of your tattoo to prevent swelling or soreness. Also, your body needs all the energy to heal your tattoo.


Avoid skin treatments  in the area to be tattooed such as chemical peeling and fake tanning. You should also avoid intense tanning, sunburns, major cuts or scrapes.


Relax and enjoy your session. You can take something to entertain yourself while getting tattooed. For example, if you are going for a big tattoo and know that you’ll spend some hours there, you can read a book or watch a movie on your phone, so don’t forget your charger ; )

That’s it! Hope you can use those tips for your next tattoo session!
See you!


If you go by subway, drop off at Rådhuset station (blue line) and follow the exit “Kungsholmsgatan“.

It is also about 15 minutes walking distance from T-Centralen.

Drop-in queue

 If you’ve gotten a number, you are in the line for the drop-in and we will contact you when it’s your turn, keep an eye on your email ; )

 Please wait for our contact before coming to the studio, even if your number is the next one.

✦ Keep in mind that the time is different for each tattoo.

Thank you!
Vicky 🐝


How to book your tattoo appointment

I’m happy you want to get tattooed by me!

When the bookings are open, a formulary will be available on the website. Fill in the form with your tattoo idea ^^

✦ Please, note that the form will be available only during that one weekend, the whole weekend.

 Add [email protected] to your contacts not to get it as a spam.

Keep in mind that, due to limited spaces available, only some of the tattoo projects can be selected and ‘ll give preference to ideas that match my style :)

Thanks for understanding! ♡

If you have any questions, drop us an e-mail:
[email protected]

Thank you!
Vicky 🐝

Drop-in Guidelines

Covid-19 Drop-in Guidelines

Please, read carefully:

✦ I’m taking drop-ins for small tattoos (up to around 5 cm) only on the days and time announced;

✦ Keep in mind that drop-in have limited spots for those who arrive first;

✦ Come alone;

✦ Sanitise your hands when you arrive;

✦ When you arrive at the studio show us your tattoo idea and leave your contact information.

NOTE: Vicky will  talk to you during the session and draw your idea, but we ask you to come with the design and placement already decided for the drop-in ; )

 We‘ll send an email with information about the queue and contact you when your turn arrives;

✦ While waiting for your turn, take a nice walk or have a coffee nearby :)

✦ Stay home if you are feeling sick.

✦ Start price: 1500kr.


Register to get a reminder when the next bookings open