Many of you come to get your first tattoo with me, so I thought I’d share how the process of getting a tattoo is like : )

📝 When you arrive at the studio, you’ll receive a health formulary to fill in, with questions like “have you drank any alcohol in the last 24 hours?”, “do you have any skin disease?”, etc.

✍️  After that, we’ll talk about your tattoo. You’ll explain to me how you want it, placement, size, and then I’ll draw based on our conversation. After the drawing is ready, we will choose the best size and I’ll make the stencil.

🖍 I’ll clean your skin, shave it and place the stencil. This way you get to see how the tattoo will look like; and we can change the placement of it if you want ; )

🐝 Then we will start tattooing. You should try not to move and remember to breathe : )
Also, let me know if you feel uncomfortable.

✌🏼 When your tattoo is ready, I put on a protection and give you instructions on how you’ll take care of it.

That’s it!


If you go by subway, drop off at Rådhuset station (blue line) and follow the exit “Kungsholmsgatan“.

It is also about 15 minutes walking distance from T-Centralen.

Drop-in queue

 If you’ve gotten a number, you are in the line for the drop-in and we will contact you when it’s your turn, keep an eye on your email ; )

 Please wait for our contact before coming to the studio, even if your number is the next one.

✦ Keep in mind that the time is different for each tattoo. The drop-in line closes at 15:00 but we usually keep tattooing a bit longer than that ^^

Thank you!


I’m happy you want to get tattooed by me ^^

When the bookings are open, a formulary will be available on the website.

Fill in the form with your tattoo idea!
(If you have more than one idea, describe them in the same form)

✦ Please, note that the form will be available only during the weekend announced, the whole weekend.

✦ I’ll go through all the ideas and everybody will get an answer on the following days.

 Add [email protected] to your contacts not to get it as a spam.

Keep in mind that, due to limited spaces available, only some of the tattoo projects can be selected and ‘ll give preference to ideas that match my style. Thanks for understanding! ♡

If you have any questions, drop us an e-mail:
[email protected]

Thank you!
Vicky 🐝

Drop-in Guidelines

Please, read carefully:

✦ I’m taking drop-ins for small tattoos (up to around 5 cm) only on the days and time announced;

✦ Keep in mind that drop-in have limited spots for those who arrive first;

✦ When you arrive at the studio, show us your tattoo idea and leave your contact information.

NOTE: I’ll talk to you during the session and draw your tattoo, but we ask you to come with the idea and placement already decided for the drop-in.

 Then, we‘ll send you an email with your number in the queue and you’ll be able to follow how the queue is going;

 When it’s your time to come we’ll contact you;

✦ While waiting for your turn, take a nice walk or have a coffee nearby :)

 Come alone.

✦ Sanitise your hands when you arrive.

✦ Stay home if you are feeling sick.

✦ Start price: 1500kr.


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